Download PS4 Emulator for Pc, Mac OS, Android, iOS

PS4 emulators are an excellent option when it comes to playing PlayStation 4 video games on a computer or mobile device. Although a priori we may think that the PS4 is a console too new to have quality emulators, in practice this is not so, as there are already several really good options in relation to this console.

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The Best PlayStation 4 (PS4) Emulators

Below you will find a table with the best PlayStation 4 emulators for different devices, in which you can contrast the features of each of them as well as find out their pros and cons and decide which one is the one that best suits what you are looking for:

Emulator Devices (OS) Console Information Download
Orbital PC, Mac OS, Linux PS4 High functionality, complicated to use Download
GPCS4 PC, Mac OS PS4 Good alternative, low FPS Download
Spine Linux PS4 Works with a list of 20-50 titles Download
PS4 Emus PC, Mac OS, Android, iOS PS4 Server and online games, good FPS Download
PS4 EMX PC PS4 Still under development Download
PCSX4 PC, Mac Os PS4 Works with a list of 60-100 games Download
RPCS4 PC, Mac Os PS4 Successor of the RPCS3 emulator for PS4. Not yet available Download

What is the Best PS4 Emulator?

If you are wondering what is the best PS4 emulator the first thing you should know is that there is no single answer to this question. The PlayStation 4 emulator that is currently the most advanced and, therefore, arguably the best PS4 emulator at the moment is Orbital, as it was the first emulator of this console to come out. However, we cannot say that this is the best alternative for audiences, as it requires very extensive programming knowledge to be able to use it and emulate successfully.

This brings us to the second best alternative, the PS4 Emus Emulator, which is available for most common operating systems and is also capable of running quite a few games with a fairly high FPS level compared to the rest of emulators of this console.

Another alternative is the GPCS4 emulator, which is advanced in its development and is already capable of emulating several PlayStation 4 games. It should be noted that it emulates games with a somewhat low FPS rate.

The best alternative if we have a Linux operating system is undoubtedly the Spiner, as it is capable of running a fairly extensive list of games compared to its competitors. Of course, those games will be games that do not have too many requirements.

The conclusion of all this is that there is still no perfect PS4 emulator, since the available options are still in beta phases or have bugs. This is not a cause for concern, development is progressing and soon we will have an emulator that works for a wide list of games. It is important to mention that if we do not mind paying, there is also an option available to play PS4 games on PC in good quality. This is PlayStation Now. If you already have a PlayStation 4 console and what you want is to be able to play on the computer, a really simple option is PS Remote Play, an application that will allow you to play remotely to the PS4 on the PC.